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As you may guess from the name, its compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.And besides I've met really nice people on these free chat rooms!But anybody can play, even if you dont have that headgear its accessible on your computer via Steam or the VRChat website.Preferences, once logged on you can change the colour scheme via your user preferences.) gaygrl2eva, i have been using teen chat since like I was 13 and it is one of the cooliest sites ever.Meygan (Meghan i haven't been on here much but I already love it - and so does my sis Stormy, we've made so many friendz and met kool ppl!Visibility of character portraits may be turned off or on, also via your preferences.Calling it a video game would be a wild understatement.Keep up the good work and cyas l8er.Haha.) natalie i met a few friends on here and just had a generally great time chatting with all sorts of different people it is a safe but easy way to talk and share things with new people every day i think its greatxx.Met so many cool people, and good friends.A large number of people have come out saying VRChat has saved their lives heres what its like to experience the online meeting place of the 21st century T23:55:5001:00 T00:55:2901:00 g 500 250, businessInsiderDe g, vRChat is a popular and free multiplayer online experience.It's so awesome I have met so many awesome ppl in here!Most Common Username: Kitty16 meryl mark omg I 3 Australia chat!Can never predict whats going to happen next on here.I have met some really cool people and they are uber fun to talk.The best free chat rooms going!Girl, guy, join Room richieboy loving teenchat at the mo, buzzing with so many ppl, always someone to talk to, keep up the good work look forward to more features being added in the near future!Angel Eyes, i really enjoy coming here when my boss is out its nice to break free and talk to every one I can run though the room as I please and there is so many people I can chat with is fun, crazy and.
Craig, hey im pretty new to this but its class i usually go roleplay because its so much fun.