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Corvette central chat rooms

corvette central chat rooms

When the smoke cleared, sales of Corvette were half of what they were for 1984 at 26,412.
The Grand Sport included the LT4 engine and an Admiral Blue paint job with white stripes, and red hash marks on the front fender.A cost of 1000 is a starting point to replace a set of tires and many sellers will put car up for sale before they have to deal with.Be sure and check signs of leakage which usually can be cured by tweaking alignment or replacing weather-stripping.There are many things to like about the.Make sure you all your fillings are in good shape as this is one rough riding, canyon carver.Unidirectional 16-inch tires, rack and pinion steering, forged aluminum suspension pieces, drivable chassis, electronic instrumentation and massaged aerodynamics may seem mundane today, but it was a big deal coming out of the malaise era 70s.Kentuckys Bowling Green cranked out 20,742, including the the last babe online sexy video 448 ZR-1s.19 model year represented the 35th anniversary of Americas sports car.Horsepower was bumped five hp to 235.Original cars are also worth a premium as many Vette aficionados stand by the old mantra, theyre only original once.Chevrolet cranked out 20,479 with just 502 ZR-1s for 1992.Also, as a general rule, a color change is a deal-breaker for a lot of folks, so find a car that is painted in a factory color that turns you.The C4 also heralded the beginning teen pussy spy cam of continuous upgrades and improvements that we still see with todays modern Corvette.Production cooled off with sales down by 10,000 units to 27,794 cars sold.The roadster paced Indianapolis this year and 527 funky, striped replicas were built in purple and white.The end of the 80s also began the gestation period for the Corvette ZR-1 King of the Hill.Additional frame reinforcements were added to stiffen the topless version of the car and were adopted in later years by all models.What Are These Cars Worth?

These new features kept sales red hot and Chevy moved 39,729 units.