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Online sex slave trainer

Trainers Sex skills - Player.
When obedience is high enough it starts increasing with rewards.
0.9.3: Fixed a fucking my real sex doll bug that made all future slaves Mindbroken if you broke one slave.Slaves as followers: For compatibility with other mods you can "hire" your slaves.Also, for compatibility, you have to dismiss them before selling.Requirements: Installed and working: Compatible with: Items from Devious Devices Integration.9.2 Slave Trainer will use some features from these mods if you have them installed: Doesn't conflict with: Milk Mod Economy Prison Overhaul Probably conflicts with: Slaverun, everything else that adds new objects.How to start: Go to Whiterun and talk to Charna near Hall of the Dead.You can have up to 100 slaves (following you/waiting at home but you can train only one slave at a time.1.0.0: upgrade from previous versions doesn'T work Now you can have more than 1 slave.People looking for slaves Charna Balgruuf Eorlund Hulda Proventus Avenicci Andurs Appearance Usually slaves look angry after you just enslave them and later become sad/happy depending on what you do to them.Hit any NPC during the pillory scene to start sex.Slave, trainer is a mod inspired by games like Slavmaker.Masochist - Spanking is a reward.Description : We already have this parody of the game Princess Maker.Fear - Increases with punishments, decreases with rewards.Pause/resume training Pillory Spanking Jail Massage Cunnilingus Training sex skills Wash - Removes dirt and tally marks.Now you're not allowed to sell your current followers, because it was bugging out the game.Fixed a bug where selling slaves to quest NPC wasn't working correctly.You can save the game and continue to play anytime (I hope so).Items from Zaz Animation Pack are now fully supported.When selectinharacter - wait until IT loads (IT'S about 10MB each to load).New people looking for slaves: Proventus Avenicci, Andurs.This might change later.

Added an option to disable notifications in the corner.